Motorola walkie talkie for a talkative family

 Walkie talkie, I think we all are well known about it. We played with it, and it was a part of the game, really it is a fantastic and delightful thing. It is so easy to use, but on the other hand, it is a bit complicated to understand.

There are only two things that are capable of understanding. The first is frequency, and the second is coded and decoded.

It was like a toy for us when we were children; we treat them as a cellular device. But now we know that its work is more special as compared to all the cellular devices. A walkie-talkie doesn’t need a network, a balance to talk, and any other services compared to the cellular device. And Motorola walkie talkie price is not too much. The thing which is most annoying about the walkie-talkie is its frequency and range.



Our cellular devices are consist of the network, satellite, and different software, which may interrupt our security. But on the other side, walkie-talkies are dependent on the signal which is generated by its antenna. That’s the reason why police, security guards, and other private organizations still use walkie-talkies.

Two-way radio walkie-talkies are at a different level of security and provide ease in communication. It feels like we are talking on normal phones, but still, it gives all the protection and privacies. Take a look at Motorola T80 walkie talkie,

One of the best things that I like the most is its quick action-taking qualities. Usually, walkie-talkies are used for emergency works, to deliver a single message to all teams, and to take reasonable action depending upon the situation. For which its quick action-taking quality plays a vital role.

Quick connectivity

Walkie talkie a device with a huge responsibility. It seems like a cellular device, and the people and youngers who are not aware of its work may understand it. It has a different level of connection with its other pairs; the Motorola TLKR T40 walkie-talkie is best in connection. For emergency purposes, it is has a large role as compared to our cell phones.

How is it different from cellular devices? Why cellular devices can’t replace it? The answer is its unique qualities.

How is it different from cellular devices?

Cellular devices need a network, a better connection to connect with to make a call. Moreover, you have to dial the number and then wait to pick the phone from the receiver. It’s a bit lengthy process and has risks also; your phone must be in the range of networks, and then you have to wait until the receiver picks the phone and answers you.

On the other side, in the case of walkie-talkie devices, you no need to think about network, range, and other things. Just press a button to deliver your message to your partners. Here, Motorola TLKR T60 walkie-talkies are best, with eight channels and up to 8Kms of range.

Why cellular devices can’t replace it?

There are many reasons cause of cellular devices are failed to replace walkie-talkies. This includes its quick connectivity, clear range, and many other things on which it works.

Linking property

Cellular phones are always dependent on all other things, like network, dialing numbers, and recharge bills. At the same time, a walkie-talkie works on ranges that are developed by its antenna. That’s the reason that walkie-talkies are totally independent. Despite all the things, it has a continuous linking property with each pair.


Police departments, security guard and other private association, are uses walkie talkie because of its privacy. Since walkie-talkie works by its range produced by the antenna and doesn’t interfere with any outsider things, that’s why no outsider frequencies and different intensities can hack it. This is the reason that why private agencies use a walkie-talkie.

Motorola walkie talkie price

As compared to smartphones, walkie talkies are durable and more affordable. There is no need to recharge for calling, no wait for another person to pick your phone and answer. Moreover, Motorola walkie talkie prices are more reasonable and affordable, such that every needy can afford it.


A high-range-producing walkie-talkie can be a bit costlier but not more than your smartphones. After purchasing it, you no need to pay bills to talk at it, and neither any service charges be applied. I think it is more affordable to anyone who believes in cellular devices more than a walkie-talkie.

Walkie-talkie can play a vital role in the office uses, college staff rooms, hospitals, and other working teams that need to connect with each other simultaneously.

If we talk about cellular devices, then to stay connected with all the people, we need to call each member of groups separately and then have to add them in a single conference call; really, it is a long process.

If you are working under the ground, like in sewers and caves, your cell phone would be the useless cause of no reaching to network. The only thing that can work and make continuous contact with you and your members is a walkie-talkie.

Team conversation

Walkie talkies are usually made for the use of multiples of members. It is best when working with your team, and it is very necessary to stay connected with each member. Walkie-talkies are known for their unique property of delivering a single message to all the members simultaneously. I think Motorola TLKR T40 walkie-talkie and TALKABOUT T42 walkie-talkie are suitable for low budget and Motorola T80 walkie-talkie consumers radio for a high budget and long-lasting team.

As well as there are different connecting options are also available. When you can just changing your frequency, easily talk to various members.

How walkie talkie works

Mostly, all the people know about the work of walkie-talkies, but they might not know how it works. Few electrical factors are mandatory to understand how it works. In which frequency and electromagnetic waves play a crucial role.


Normally walkie talkie seems like a simple device, and it consists of a converter and some unique circuits that a cellular device can never have. A walkie-talkie has a converter who directly records our words what we speak and then converts them into coded frequencies.
Frequencies are only coded vibrations that can only be received and decoded by another pair of the walkie talkie.

The speed of frequency is low as compared to electromagnetic waves/ spectrum. Therefore, to transmit the message instantly, we need to convert this frequency into electromagnetic waves. To which another pair of circuits are established into a walkie-talkie.

Coded and decoded

What if your code word and what you speak for your members are delivered to someone else? What if someone using the same frequency too? The answer is, no need to worry about it. The message you delivered is first converted into code and then transferred to your members.

These coded frequencies can only decode and listen to by the same pairs of your walkie-talkie. There is no need to worry about privacy and security. While in the other hand, if such mistakes happen with your cellular device, then your entire plane may be exposed. And opposers may destroy it.


When coded frequencies reach the receiver or another pair of walkie-talkies, this pair decodes them and then converts them into radio waves that are directly repeated by the speaker, and group members can easily understand it.

Deliver a message

It may be possible that you have used a walkie-talkie before. But you might not know its method of delivering a message. Since walkie-talkies are used for security and emergency works, therefore here, the presence of all the members matters most.

Simply press the push-to-talk button to come in speaking mode, then after completing your words, say “over” to know all other group members that you have completed your saying. And returned to the listening mode by releasing the push-to-talk button.

TLKR T80 Motorola walkie talkie

Motorola T80 walkie-talkie provides a long-range distance of up to 10kms. And also offers better connectivity among all 8 channels. There is no secret that how Motorola battery works, already it has a long-lasting battery life of about 8 hours with continuous use.

One thing that is like the most about the Motorola T80 walkie-talkie is, it is license-free, and no additional costs are required.

TLKR T40 Motorola walkie talkie

T40 Motorola walkie-talkie for a small team works like office and working in the same building, like hospitals and school staff rooms. There is no licensing required to use it. Motorola T40 walkie-talkie is less expensive as compared to T80. The range of the walkie-talkie and its delivery speed decides its cost.

T40 walkie-talkie has less range as compared to T80 walkie-talkie; it works in the range up to 4 km. And no type of additional charges are required for it.

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