Hello, people today we are here to discuss a very interesting product that is Motorola Wakie Talkie charger. Before beginning to discuss this, we shall start talking about the product itself that what is a walkie talkie. For many of you, a walkie-talkie can also be known by this name that is a handheld transceiver or HT. It is a two wat transceiver which was developed during the Second World War by Donald Hings, Alfred.J.gross, Henryk Magnuski, and a team full of engineers by Motorola. This was initially developed for the armed forces and military people for conversation purposes, but after the war, it became more common among the mass. Nowadays it is used by traffic operators on the road, event managers, schools, at commercial work, etc. In a word, it is used by people working as a team or unit to converse.



Motorola Wakie Talkie charger has a sturdy construction. This charger has got a very innovative design and requires very low maintenance. It helps you recharge the batteries on the go and stay connected with your product for a long time. The type which the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger belongs to is elective, travel and the color is red. It requires no battery and a near weight of 300 grams.


To be honest, I have seen many good chargers with heavy features, elegant get, very lightweight, etc. at a very high price. But I believe the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger is so handy and perfect for the lot’s price range. It’s good for beginners, and it is quite affordable as well. For example, the Kenwood charger is also good but lacks certain features that the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger will give us like long-lasting, size, color, etc. The Motorola Wakie Talkie charger excels in all those features when compared to Kenwood.


Whenever you are using any form of electronics, you should keep safety precautions in mind. Here we shall discuss a few of these measures that you should keep in mind when you use the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger. The precautions are:-

  • Please do not use an extension cord unless and until it is necessary.
  • Do not expose the charger to rain or snow or in a word to water or moisture.
  • Please try not to change the AC cord or the plug that is originally given with the charger. Any change in there may result n an unfortunate event if the cord does not fit well.
  • Any maintenance or dusting or anything shall be done after the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger is unplugged.
  • Try not to use the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger if you see a spark if it has been dropped, or damaged in any way. This may lead to an unfortunate event.

That’s was all for the safety measures hopefully it will help you while you are using the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger.


 I have bought this product. But I have seen that the prices vary because of the market demand and color you want to purchase. But the range varies from $ to $ usually. You can get the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger at the mentioned range from the websites whose link is given below.


Here I will share all the links that are reliable to buy the product. I will not name any shop that is offline because I have bought the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger from one of these links. The below-given websites are reliable and can be used to buy the product because after that, selling services are great, and in case of any query, you can contact them.


It is a very basic and simple product. The Motorola Wakie Talkie charger is unlike any other charger a small, hard, strong device. The red color that it comes in has a very different elegant finish. Its weight is also very light, and the product is not very big. It has a long wire for charging and a three-pin plug system. The design is very basic but good at this price range.


Motorola Wakie Talkie charger is very easy to use. The manual that it comes with has all the instructions written on it. Just like any other charger the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger also has a long wire which you need to plug in and then connect with the device to let it charge. After a hundred percent of the charge is accrued. It will serve you around 26 to 20 hours depending upon the use.

It is very small in size and is quite portable. You can carry this anywhere and everywhere. The Motorola Wakie Talkie charger does not tackles up a large space. Itis a very user-friendly product and last were also very long. Coming from one of the founder families, the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger is expected to be a great product.


As per different shopping sites, customers are really satisfied with this product. Maximum have voted Motorola Wakie Talkie charger a five out of five. But if we calculate the average, then it is a four-point three out of five that is 4.3/5.

If you ask why the point seven marks have been deducted from the product well, then let me tell you that the product is rated by customers after comparing features with many other products of high price hence they may have felt that according to a certain product this is not good. But if we go by the price of this product its fantastic product at this price.


I have been using the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger for near about six months, and not only I but also a bunch of my friends as well have been using this product after we bought it for an event. Well to my product is quite comfortable to use. I feel the charger wires are also strong as I am a very rough user of it from day one and touch wood has got a single scratch or tear as well. I am a college-goer, and my bag has loads full of things. I keep the charger in there. 

Apart from this, the charger charges very fast and lasts long near about 20 to 18 hours. The lasting will depend upon your use. I will also come to the minute details of the product later, but here I absolutely love the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger and looking forward to using it more and more. I will say that this is a must-buy. The body is also quite steady and strong with great red color. The color is also very much fascinating. For me, the Motorola Wakie Talkie charger is a 4.8/5 product.

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