Humans love when their product becomes easy to use and then further ore easy and handy. We love to go for the shortest and easy way. Hence this device name walkie talkie was established. This was initially known as a handheld transceiver, and it was two-way communication. This made working in a group much easier. The conversation became smooth. This device also saw many development levels starting from a backpack walkie talkie to a handset walkie talkie. This handset one became tiny, just like a modern-day android phone. 

A cellular telephone network came forward and offered a push-to-talk handset which had the facility of walkie talkie like operation over a cellular network. This was used for public services.


The Motorola walkie-talkie phone has several features due to which it can be used and is popular among the public sector. Motorola walkie-talkie phone has 7.54 x 2.26 x 1.37 inches and weighs 6.9 ounces. It has 2AA plus batteries included with the product. It is wireless and is available in many colors like yellow, blue, red, black, green, etc. The wide range of colors is really impressive, and you can choose accordingly. All these are kind of matt finish giving it a stylish look. The box contains an item, charger, belt clip, user guide. Motorola walkie-talkie phone has many range value for mountains, valleys, and plains starting from 16miles to around 35 miles.

One of this product’s fantastic features is that it has 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, giving you such a wide range. Few of the products also have an emergency alert facility. It will warn you about harmful weather, traffic, and the fastest route to get out of the situation too. One of the products also has Bluetooth available. The battery life is near about 12 hours plus. Such a unique feature the Motorola walkie-talkie phone provides that I love the product.


Well, to talk about the packing, I would say I got the Motorola walkie-talkie phone in a fundamental box wrapped with bubble wrap as usual. The outer box was from the company hence just the available logos and stuff, and the outer box was from amazon with their logo. The packaging was pretty basic, and no complaints about it. Yes, but the earpieces and small minute items were packed pretty well, which was impressive.


Most people using walkie-talkies have complained about their sound and audibility. But with the Motorola walkie-talkie phone, I did not have any problem when it comes to the sound. It is audible in crowded places also. Being an event manager, the entire team and I were always around a crowd, but we never had a problem listening to this product’s sound. This proves that the sound quality of this product is good.


The manual saves you and makes your life so so easy. It will guide you, and if you give an excellent read to the Motorola walkie-talkie phone’s manual, then you will never lose your way. Apart from that, it’s convenient to use. This product is small, compact, and will take up lots of space; hence you can take it anywhere. It’s very user-friendly work, and the battery life is pretty good to dave you in rough dying situations. I enjoyed the Motorola walkie-talkie phone. It does not have complicated technologies and simple to use.


The Motorola walkie-talkie phone has a lot of price range. The range is a wide variety. Starting from $20, it goes up to $80 also, and all these ranges vary because of several features, techniques, and characteristics. Also, another reason is that there is a wide variety of models. Some of these launches in the year 2012 are a little backdated as per the products launched in 2018. Hence this is the reason for such a comprehensive range of products.


The websites which I generally prefer will be listed below. It is as always the amazon. cm. I tend to purchase from this website because after purchase services are excellent, I have developed a trust for this website in so many years. My Motorola walkie-talkie phone is also from here. 


The manual of the Motorola walkie-talkie phone is so so dilute. Step By step, this manual will make you understand how you can use the Motorola walkie-talkie phone smoothly. Motorola walkie-talkie phone has many features which many other walkie talkies do not have, so a manual is essential for this product. And the makers have understood this point. I would suggest carrying the manual where ever you go. This technique will help you. It is like google. 

I was very much impressed by the manual. The Motorola walkie-talkie phone manual also has a FAQ section where there are many questions. I have got all my bits of help from this section only really god.


The customer reviews for this product, on average, is on the high side. I have heard many of my colleges brag about the Motorola walkie-talkie phone, and I have also bought this product on their advice only. The product ratings are somewhere around 4.6 out of five, which is not bad at all. 

Some of the reviews were like that. It lasted till two days and helped one of the customers find his way while he was stuck in a desert. This also allows many people to turn off the switches of the house and control the fans and lights. This is not the right product for communication but a great one for traveling and maintaining housework.


This product is convenient, and I like the Motorola walkie-talkie phone. Its main features, which I like, are its sturdy build-up. These products need excellent build-up because they help you in a complicated situation, and if the body and different parts are weak, then it is of no use. I have personally bought it for my event, and the workers have said that it’s the right product. I have also felt that it’s a must to purchase the product at this price range. Thumbs up to the Motorola walkie-talkie phone.

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